20 Quotes/Thoughts by APJ Abdul Kalam

In this article we are going to list down some of the thoughts and quotes given by the great Dr Kalam.

You can find the shelter but only wise people can avoid the situation itself. Weak people tend to find temporary solutions and strong ones try to avoid the problem itself by finding a permanent fix.

Indeed a great quote by Kalam. Your first victory is not the end. If you stop working after your first victory people will say that you were lucky. But only you know how much hard work you have done to achieve your first victory. Don’t stop working hard and don’t let people open their mouth.

We all have different talents. You may find some people more talented than you but remember we all have equal opportunity to develop our talents. We all can work hard.

Success is like truth, it can’t be overshadowed by failure just like truth can’t be overshadowed by lies.

Being handsome doesn’t make you a good person. Being handsome from heart makes you beautiful.

It doesn’t mean that all last benchers have brain. but it means that it doesn’t matter if you are a first bencher or last bencher people with good brains are found everywhere.

Changing habits is more important than changing future because your future is decided based on your present habits.

Always look for new opportunity and be positive. Remember effort never dies just put the right effort in a right opportunity but that will come when you keep trying and not afraid of failing.

Great people just dream and start working and that’s how life works. First you have to dream it then work for it.

If you are just reading success stories of great people thinking that you would succeed too, you are fooling yourself because success doesn’t come without failure. Success is the result of multiple failures in past. Read failure stories to know the struggle of great people.

Your last mistake or last failure is the best teacher you can get.

A good friend teaches you a lot of things, so keep in mind that one good friend is equal to a library. Just keep your good friends.

Just keep the integrity.

Just remember success comes at a cost

And strength comes from good knowledge and good health.

Thinking is the capital

Be active and take on responsibilities don’t run away.

Great quote, shining and burning are synonymous.

Your present is hard work of ancestors.

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