Top 10 Quotes about Friendship

A friend should always be beside you. A real friend will not leave you alone in your journey they will be the part of your journey that is why we call them friends.

When a friend helps you in difficult times then he is the real friend. Only difficult times will prove who is your real friend otherwise you will never know who is the real deal.

True friends will always be part of your adventure and they are going to do same shit together. Friendship is born when two or more people find that they have something in common like they all do the same shit.. and that’s how you find friends.

A true friend knows all your scars, all your mistakes , all your past and present but he still loves you no matter what. Go and find this kind of friend.

Your life partner should be your best friend too..

Make sure only those who are worth suffering for are in your life. You will meet many people in life but not everyone deserves your tears, some people are in your life just for their own self purpose and they will leave after they have got what they wanted.

If you are thinking about your true friends just let them know because they might also be thinking about you and enjoy the old memories.

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