Top 10 Quotes About Happiness

This list contains top 10 quotes about Happiness. These words are said by great personalities over time and reading them will make you more confident about life and happiness.

Avoid being angry all the time, thats what i can tell you. Also being angry you loose friends, girlfriends and other people. So why should you be angry ?
I think author was in true love before he quoted this but yaa i agree with him , when you are in love then happiness of another people becomes your priority and sometimes you will have to sacrifice your own happiness
Great quote though
Someone should have told this earlier. But is life all about enjoying ? maybe, maybe you can enjoy doing this you love to do
Awesome , great words though
Just do good anyway, as Gandhi said, if someone slaps you on your one cheek give them another one
If everything is in harmony then you will not have to lie and when you don’t lie you will never be in trouble and when you are not in trouble then you are happy
Dalai Lama is right. You will have to work hard to remain happy through out your like. Without work and actions, there is no happiness in this world.
This is the way to life. You have to count on smiles and not tears. Forget tears and lets smile.

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