Top 10 Quotes for Success

If you are trying to please everyone every time then the path of success becomes difficult because no matter how good you are, no matter how much on right path you are there will always be some people that will not like you and they will not appreciate you, they will not congratulate you, but you have to remember that you also don’t need them and you don’t have to even care about those kinds of people.

In this world you will find many types of people, some will always be with you and some will try to pull you down. Just be good at picking the man in disguise and you are good to go.

There is no 100 % working formula for success. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will fail. But remember that if you are only failing all the time then you may not be on the right track. Try to divide you path of success in small chunks and see if you are able to accomplish something and if you are no then try , try .. but don’t waste your whole life trying .. There are many things to do in this world. Find you love and try something you can do easily , success will certainly come to you.

In simple terms if i say then success comes to those who create value. Without value success if not worth. It won’t last longer. Einstein was right. try to create value and not just run for success. Those who run for success may never achieve it and those who run for value may achieve all at the same time. Remember success is the by product of you Karma and not the some short cut formula.

Its okay to make some people part of your history because not everyone deserves to be part of your destiny. Some people don’t deserve anything. They don’t even deserve you attention. They deserve you foot that’s it. Let it go, move forward and you will find new people new places and new experiences in your life. Don’t get stuck in same situation forever.

Even success needs flavors and that comes after you fail. If you get only success and not failure you will not appreciate the success in your life. Success and failure are both the extremes of a success meter. If you are not on other side then you won’t appreciate the another side. It okay to fail. It’s also okay to try try and try until you succeed in your goals.

Many of us don’t want to start something because we think we are not perfect in that field. Remember no body is perfect and no body ever reaches perfection only God is perfect. Do what you want to do and don’t think about perfection you will get success.

I agree, If you think everyone will be happy for you when you succeed then you are wrong. Even your closed ones may not be happy for your success. People are jealous and very few people will appreciate your success and others will try to mock you or may not talk to you completely. Success comes at a cost of loosing your older friends.

According to Albert Einstein, Success can be achieved by working and keeping your mouth shut. Only two things are allowed work and play.

Remember this is first step for success. Quit talking and start doing whatever the heck you want in life because it’s easy to talk than to work. If 100 people are talking about success then only 40 will actually work and 30 will achieve success. Many people just talk and move forward, you should not be one of them.

In the end all it matters is how many attempts you made while you were young.

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